Battered but not Broken

Given that it does, in fact, look like the "kitchen sink" is being tossed out the window, I thought I'd provide an example of something I consider to be a reasonable opportunity. Cisco Systems (CSCO) designs, manufactures and sells products and services related to networking and information technology in general.  Over the past year, CSCO stock has … Continue reading Battered but not Broken

Patient Trigger Finger

So what did the stock market think about S&P's downgrade?  We got an answer today, in bright flashing red.  The Dow sank 634 points today - the sixth largest single-day drop in history. To be fair, the sell-off wasn't rooted entirely in the downgrade (which was widely expected).  Rather, as I have written before, it looks like the market is … Continue reading Patient Trigger Finger

Here Comes the Sink

It was a wild week for US markets. Volatility was off the charts and on Thursday the Dow dropped 512 points - its ninth largest single-day drop in history.  Stocks are down about 7% from their peak in April and are now negative for the year.  Then on Friday, adding insult to injury, Standard and Poors stripped … Continue reading Here Comes the Sink