Russia Looks Rich & Cheap

In the previous post, I made the long-term case for commodities. In this post, we'll consider an indirect way to get exposure to them. It's common knowledge that emerging market economies tend to be correlated with commodity prices. That's because emerging markets are often dependent on the export of natural resources, making them "banana republics," … Continue reading Russia Looks Rich & Cheap

Cold, Hard, Commodities

The broad commodity markets have been uneventful over the past two years.  While some commodities have outperformed others, and windows of volatility may have been good for trading, the broad commodity markets ended up down in both 2011 and 2012.  That being said, commodities should be attractive from a long-term perspective.  The reasons are straightforward.  Natural resources like oil, metals, … Continue reading Cold, Hard, Commodities

Latest Investor Letter

BCM is pleased to share its latest Investor Letter with you.   Client letters provide BCM's perspectives on economic and market conditions.  You may access an archive of letters and other content at BCM's website, The BCM Team This blog is for informational purposes only. Nothing on this blog constitutes investment, tax, or legal advice. … Continue reading Latest Investor Letter