A Few Days and Things to Consider

On Friday, December 22, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law.   This finalized what is considered to be the most significant (and contentious) tax code overhaul in decades.   Many questioned if this would be done in 2017.  Now that it is, there're only days left for people to react before year … Continue reading A Few Days and Things to Consider

Bitcoin, Blockchain, and a Bag of Chips

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the dish du jour.  Everyone from seasoned investment managers to teen-aged kids wants a taste of the crypto.  There's a good reason too, Bitcoin is up almost 300% in the past year alone. But price swings are extreme, enough to make even veteran traders squirm (both in pain and delight).  The … Continue reading Bitcoin, Blockchain, and a Bag of Chips

From Nigeria with Love

In April I wrote about the Nigerian stock market. Since May the Nigerian market is up 30%.  Over the same period, the global stock market has basically been flat (shown below).   Nigerian Stock Market and Global Stock Market represented by NGE and VT, respectively Timing-wise this was lucky-- I didn't predict a two-week turnaround. … Continue reading From Nigeria with Love