Last Yield Standing

For those living off a fixed income, the current interest environment is, to say the least, quite unsavory. Extending out to 30 years on the Treasury curve only fetches a paltry 3% (and a taxable 3% at that). This has interest-starved investors loading up on junk bonds and leveraging up bond portfolios (risk parity anyone?). … Continue reading Last Yield Standing

Kicking the Wheel

Traditionally, commodities were a difficult asset class for individual investors to access.  For most people, it just wasn't practical to trade futures or to take physical delivery of oil barrels.  As a result, the primary investors were the very wealthy, institutions, and companies that had commercial needs for the commodities.  This shut out the average investor from a market that could provide strong returns and low correlations with other asset … Continue reading Kicking the Wheel